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Simply get your website for free

Host your Curriculum Vitae, experiment PHP scripts & MySQL operations, or create a front website: start now for free!

  • Get a website, simply like that
  • Powerful and easy to use management panel (we use cPanel)
  • Your data is hosted on SSD hard drives
  • Free and advertisement-free!

Simple website creation

Create your free website in 5 minutes

  • Choose a domain name, it can be paid (.be, .com, ...) as well as free (fast. Fun,,
  • Access its administration interface via via an Internet browser (on PC, smartphones, ...)- NOTE: Use the login ID to CPanel but also for your FTP services.
  • Choose the scripts to install, the various creation tools, the management of your folders, your emails, your subdomains ...)

Technical details: 50 MB SSD Guaranteed disk space-1 Database-Unlimited traffic-cPanel

Start Now!

For professionnal websites:

Pro Web Hosting

Important Note

This offer is strictly reserved for a single person. Make sure to respect Belgian, French and European Union rules and laws about web hosting and Internet best practices. Do not make spam, host pornography or any illigal content. Any suspicious cases are instantly suspended with full authorities support.

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