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  • A support Always Here to assist you
  • Backup Daily of your website
  • SSH access For all offers
  • Storage SSD and the size Warranty!


Our features

Features already available for free for each pack

The loading speed of your pages is important

Our web hosting packages are tailored to your needs and are scalable from the VPS to the dedicated server however we do so in order to bring you the best performing web hosting services. We grow each day to continue to stay both faster and more secure!

Additional technical information

  • Disk space SSD and unlimited Bandwidth. warranty
  • Flexible and easy-to-use Control Panel, recognized worldwide: cPanel
  • Your data in good hands: Daily backups et Easy recovery
  • High AvailabilityWarranty!
  • Support Listening to everyone and responding as quickly as possible
  • Plus de 410 scripts To start a whole new site in one click, like WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, ... thanks to Softaculous!
  • A mail Service, Easy to use and accessible from any browser!
  • Free support, Friendly and understanding that is present there to help you
  • The Control Panel cPanel, Flexible and easy to use, to manage your entire hosting
  • Administer from your tablet or smartphone your site, the interface is entirely responsive!
  • Manage in A few clicks your mails, domain names (DNS), access to databases & FTP, etc. ..
  • Easily protect your folders by passwords and easily change your error pages
  • Also included: an FTP browser, protection against Hotlinks, integrated firewall, redirects, etc. ..
  • But also: Analog statistics, Webalizer, AWStats, etc....
  • MySQL & PostgreSQL For your databases with PhpMyAdmin and PhpPgAdmin
  • Apache 2.4 with: Dav, Deflate, Distcache, Expires, Fileprotect, Headers, Imagemap, LDAP, Log Forensic, MPM Prefork, Mime Magic, Mod SuPHP 0.7.2, Proxy, UniqueId, Version
  • PHP 5.6 with: Bcmath, Bz2, CGI, Calendar, CurlSSL, Exif, Expat, FTP, FileInfo, GD, Gettext, Iconv, Imap, Mbregex, Mbstring, Mcrypt, MySQL "Improved" extension, Mysql, Openssl, PDO, PDO MySQL, PGsql, Pear, Phar, SOAP, SQLite3, Safe PHP CGI, Silence Deprecated Patch, Sockets, System Timezone, TTF (FreeType), Zip, Zlib
  • Change PHP version at any time and select the modules that interest you with the tool Select PHP Version Available from your control panel. Available PHP Versions: 4.4, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0.
  • Other mods included: IonCube 5 Loader v5.1.1 for PHP, Mod Bandwidth 0.92, Mod Ruid2 0.9.8, Mod Security 2.9.0, XCache 3.2.0 for PHP, Zend Guard Loader 7.0 for PHP
  • Cron Job Planner (Scheduled Tasks)
  • Automatic optimization of your site by compression of the content
  • Program in Ruby and your Ruby Gems.
  • PHP PEAR, CloudFlare CDN, Protection against Leech, and much more!!
  • Your mails securely configured in one minute
  • POP3/IMAP (including SSL/TLS) with SMTP and SMTPS
  • Webmail Access with: Horde, SquirrelMail et RoundCube
  • Receive your email on your smartphone with IMAP support
  • No more spam thanks to SpamAssassin
  • To benefit also from Automatic answering machines, redirectors, email aliases, address lists, etc. ..
  • Helping you is part of our passion Because there is nothing more valuable than sharing knowledge, and in our case, this is what we do
  • We're going straight to the point and act as quickly as possible to deal with any eligible application on your part
  • 24 hours a day We monitor any suspicious activity to guarantee you optimum safety
  • A human support that also responds to humans, friendly and understanding, a force of Mosanweb.
  • Instantly install More than 410 scripts in a single click!
  • WordPress-Host your wordpress blog now!
  • Joomla & Drupal-The most popular professional content management systems
  • Prestashop-now have your online store!
  • Wiki-Share your knowledge with MediaWiki
  • Daily backups of your site on remote backup servers, but additionally one backup per week (for one month) and one backup per month (for 6 months). All these backups contain the entire hosting service, i.e. your mails, your databases, your sites and files, your DNS and SSL/TLS Records.
  • Let's Encrypt is available for all offers; This tool allows you to deliver valid SSL certificates for your sites free of charge and to secure them. WARNING, Let's Encrypt is compatible with recent and up-to-date browsers.
  • Protection against Hotlinks allows you to prevent other sites from creating direct links to the files you host. You can manage your own rules.
  • SSH access and SSH key generation. This allows you to access the very core of your hosting and install and run your own custom scripts. In addition, this guarantees security when sending files.
  • IP Address Blocker to eliminate unwanted visitors or robots.
  • Management of ModSecurity to enable / disable as you wishes and according to your domains configured on your hosting
  • Authentification to your account has two factors allows you to log in to your admin space by using a key that is generated after each span of time.
  • Protection Leech allows you to prevent your users from revealing or publishing their access passwords to a restricted area of your site. This feature redirects the compromised accounts to a URL of your choice (and suspends them if you want to).).
  • CloudFlare CDN from your administration space allows you to benefit from the coverage of this company that protects you from unwanted visitors, potential attacks and offers you a free CDN cache service. WARNING, CloudFlare has nothing to do with Mosanweb and this service offers paid products that will never be part of our billing.
  • Hosting on highly secure servers always up-to-date and the latest version of CloudLinux and their KernelCare service, frequent security audits and use of optimized encryption techniques.
  • LiteSpeed Technologies is a Web server that has its own engine and is recognized as being faster than Apache even if the latter's directives are compatible. It is also faster than Nginx

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